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Gorvins Residential COVID-19 Visitor Guidance

COVID-19 Visitor Guidance

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Updated: 01.12.2020

The safety of Gorvins Residential employees, supplier partners, clients, and visitors remains our overriding priority. As the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak continues to evolve and spreads globally, we are continually monitoring the situation closely and periodically update our guidance based on current recommendations from the UK Government, UK Public Health Bodies and World Health Organization (WHO).

Supporting you through COVID-19

Following government advice, we’ve implemented a flexible working system allowing our colleagues to work remotely and continue to support you through these unprecedented times.

Our solicitors are available for phone and video consolations, as well as in special circumstances (where alternative remote contact is not suitable) we can now arrange face-to-face meetings by appointment only, with strict social distancing procedures based on UK Government guidance.

Appointment only face-to-face meetings

1.0 Your arrival must be scheduled in advance as Gorvins Residential currently only allow appointment only face-to-face meeting if an alternative form of meeting such as phone call or video call is not suitable.

The meeting has to be arranged directly with the relevant fee earner/colleague who will provide you with their direct contact details as well as explain what to expect when they visit.

You will be asked to:

1.1 Call the fee earner/colleague on arrival who will let you into the building and escort you to the assigned meeting room.

1.2 Each visitor will need to bring with them to the meeting a completed Visitor Questionnaire (completed as of the day of the meeting) that will be sent by the relevant fee earner/colleague ahead of the meeting.

1.3 Please wear face-covering during your visit – if required our colleagues can provide a single-use disposable face covering.

1.4 Adhere to social distancing whilst on-site.

1.4.1 Only 1 person per lift is allowed.

1.4.2 Keep a 2 m distance wherever possible

1.4.3 Wear a face covering

1.5 Use anti-bacterial (provided on site) wipes to open/close doors

1.6 Use hand sanitiser (provided onsite) when entering/leaving the meeting rooms.

1.7 Sit at one end (as opposed to side – unless a screen is used) of the table with the fee earner/colleague at the other end to allow a good space in between. A meeting room with a screen is available if desired or any special needs exist where a mask cannot be used.

1.8 Once the meeting is concluded the fee earner/colleague will escort all visitors to the main office door.

2.0 You will be sent the COVID-19 Visitor Questionnaire in advance of your visit and asked to complete this as at the morning of your visit and to bring it with you. Each individual client visiting has to complete a form. If answers “yes” to any of the questions they should NOT travel to the office and instead should contact the fee earner/colleague concerned.

The completed COVID-19 Visitor Questionnaire will be collected from you when you arrive and will be stored for track and trace purposes.

3.0 An appropriate size meeting room will be used based on the number of people in the meeting. Masks should be worn where possible and windows in the meeting room should be opened to allow for natural ventilation.

4.0 All surfaces in the meeting room (e.g. tables, chairs, etc.) should be wiped down with the provided sanitiser products such as anti-bacterial wipes before and then after the meeting as has taken place. Gorvins Residential colleagues will attend to this.

5.0 When handling documents the social distancing rules should be followed. For example, if you have to pass any documents to the fee earner/colleague you should do so by putting it on the table in the meeting and stepping away, and allowing the fee earner/colleague to step forward and take it, whilst maintaining the required distance.

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