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Why should you use a trusted solicitor for your conveyancing?

trusted solicitor

Choosing a trusted conveyancing solicitor to help buy or sell your residential property is a vital decision to get right. Instructing an experienced solicitor will mean your transaction will be: Smoother More efficient More cost-effective A few decades ago buyers or sellers didn’t have much choice apart from the solicitors that were on their local…

9 mistakes to avoid as a first-time buyer

first time buyers mistakes

Not choosing an experienced conveyancing solicitor By using an experienced solicitor for your conveyancing, the transaction for a first-time buyer will be more efficient, cost-effective not to mention a smoother, less complicated process. All solicitors are qualified to do conveyancing, but not all will have experience in this area, so choose somewhere with good knowledge…

5 Top Tips for Buying a Property at Auction

buying house at auction

Buying a property at auction can be a great way to get a bargain for your dream home. However, there are some risks you need to be aware of. Buying a property at auction is becoming an increasingly popular way for clients to buy and sell properties. At Gorvins we work on a case by…

What is the difference between freehold and leasehold?

Freehold vs leasehold

The fundamental difference between freehold and leasehold is that with a freehold property, you have outright ownership of the property and the land on which it stands. Whole houses are usually sold freehold whereas flats are often leasehold. Leasehold is a bit more complicated. If you own a leasehold property, you have a lease to…

Top Tips for First Time Buyers

Top Tips for First Time Buyers

Being a first-time buyer can be a daunting prospect, but armed with the right advice you are sure to move into your new home with ease.  We have collated our top tips that we, at Gorvins Residential, think is essential for a first time buyer to know. Consider your circumstances Buying a house is a…

A Guide to Shared Ownership

A Guide to Shared Ownership

It can be expensive to get a foot on the property ladder in today’s housing market. Shared Ownership has been one such route and with plans from Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick, it could make things easier for first-time buyers. Shared Ownership is a scheme designed to help struggling first time buyers, who for one reason…